Two-factor authentication now available on hMael

Two-factor authentication now available on hMael

Screenshot of two-factor authentication setup in hMael

Last weekend the hMael team at Patients First released a new feature in hMael called “two-factor authentication”.

Two-factor authentication (2FA) gives a second layer of protection against unauthorised use of your hMael account. Our friends at CERT NZ explain that 2FA “verifies you are who you say you are, by asking for a second piece of information (often a code) as well as a password.”  

So, even if someone figured out your hMael password, they still couldn’t get access to your account – and confidential patient information – unless they also had access to your authenticator code (which is accessed via your mobile device).

Screenshot of the hMael login screen with two-factor authentication enabled
hMael login screen with two-factor authentication enabled.

Why use two-factor authentication?

CERT NZ makes a strong case for enabling 2FA because it: 

  1. Strengthens login security 
  1. Meets customer security expectations 
  1. Reduces the risk of identity theft 
  1. Can protect risky access methods, like remote access. 

Email is one of the health sector’s biggest cybersecurity and data security risks, due to the sheer number of health professionals using unsecure public, email systems. We all understand the importance of keeping patient information private and confidential – it’s why we built, and why our customers use, hMael.  

When you enable 2FA on your hMael account, your patients get a second layer of protection and privacy and you get a second layer of peace of mind. Even though it’s use is optional, we, and cyber experts CERT NZ strongly encourage you to use it.

2FA is particularly important for hMael users who have administration rights because they have greater and deeper access. We highly recommend that, at the very least, hMael administrators enable 2FA.  

We have sent instructions and guidance to all of our hMael customers so that they can enable 2FA. If you have any questions, feedback or concerns, please contact the hMael support team