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Doctor showing results on computer to patient

Ground-breaking NZ health technology set to improve health for all

A ground-breaking New Zealand service that detects and prevents serious medication and treatment-related harm in real time has been approved for roll out across the health sector.  Conporto Event Detection and Mitigation (Conporto EDM)is a new software solution that detects and notifies clinicians of serious harm events and solves one of the health profession’s biggest…
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Patient with relative

Conporto spreads its safety net to catch patient harms before they happen

Written by Cliff Taylor, NZ Doctor. It sounds like a health sector version of the film Minority Report, a computerised “pre­crime unit” capable of detecting possible harms to people before they occur. The Conporto event detec­tion and mitigation system is, in fact, an automated tool that analyses patient records to detect potential medication-related harms. Incidents…
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Patient record in a PMS

Harm event detection tool successfully trialled

Written by: eHealthNews.nz reporter Sam Sachdeva Published at: https://www.hinz.org.nz/news/411485/Harm-event-detection-tool-successfully-trialled.htm An alerting system designed to slash the number of prescribing-related harm events could be rolled out further after a successful trial, its developer says. The Conporto Event Detection and Mitigation Solution has been developed by Patients First, a non-profit organisation owned by General Practice New Zealand and…
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Helmut Modlik being interviewed

Video interview with Helmut Modlik – Conporto Event Detection & Mitigation

Helmut Modlik, Chief Executive of Patients First, discusses leading edge event detection technology to prevent harm in primary care at the 2018 Emerging Tech in Health Conference, Christchurch. For more information about the Conporto EDM, visit the Conporto Health website. Conporto Health is a subsidiary of Patients First.

Nurse taking patient blood pressure

Groundbreaking NZ solutions a game changer for patient safety

PatientsFirst’s new trading arm – Conporto Health – will be showcasing two patient information services at this year’s NZHIT Conference which are set to significantly impact the New Zealand health sector. The Conporto Event Detection and Mitigation (EDM) service and hMael Premium secure email will enable GPs and ED clinicians access to critical up to date patient information and secure exchange of…
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