PMS Review 2011

Practice Management Systems (PMS) Review

April 2012

This report from the Primary Care Practice Management System (PMS) Requirements project is provided for primary care clinicians, general practices, general practice networks, those procuring general practice IT systems, Primary Health Organisations, District Health Boards and PMS vendors.

It sets out the first in a series of assessments of PMS systems currently available in New Zealand and comprises a summary of the detailed review of each system against predefined areas of focus. This is the first comprehensive evaluation of primary care IT systems produced in New Zealand. The process will be repeated in future at regular intervals and encompass 3-5 new review areas per review and an update Page 3 of 156 PMS Review Findings 2011 against previous areas of review where there have been substantive changes made to the software or evidence of factual error in an earlier review. It should be noted that this is not a comprehensive review of all PMS functionality. This process and report represents the first step in a journey around quality, safety and the role of information and increasingly, integration to enable this.


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