Integration as a Service

Ensuring interoperability and consistency

Working alongside the Health Information Standards Organisation (HISO), this is a test platform and toolset that enables projects and vendors to test interoperability against various relevant standards to ensure consistency and ability to integrate between various systems that support healthcare in NZ.

Integration Platform

This Integration Platform enables Electronic Healthcare Record (EHR) Vendors to test and demonstrate compliance of their Practice Management Systems (PMS) with NZ eHealth interoperability specifications and standards – in particular the structured document, messaging and Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) service specifications contained in the Health Information Standards Organisation (HISO) standards and the Reference Architecture for Interoperability produced by the Health Sector Architects Group (SAG).

The Platform facilitates this by providing the following functionality to registered users:-


Testing of individual documents and messages (‘Test Instances’) using the Validation Tool.


downloading of ‘Test Instances’ for Vendors to demonstrate importing and rendering in a PMS.


Document links to the relevant Specifications for Vendors to reference.