hMael - Secure email for healthhMael™ is is the first secure communication channel of its kind for the whole health sector. It is a closed messaging exchange system that establishes a secure connection from your desktop or mobile device to the platform.

Those working in the health system have an ever increasing need to deal with agencies that sit on the periphery of health-care. Often those dealings involve exchanging basic information about patients and their social, welfare or justice needs. hMael™ provides access to all those working in agencies or organisations that interact with the health system providing a simple way to communicate across organisational and sector boundaries where appropriate.

The hMael™ platform also supports a number of workflow features that ordinary email doesn’t have. All messages sent through hMael™ are transparent to the sender, so the sender can see when the message has been delivered, opened and explicitly acknowledged by the recipient. The built-in directory service also shows when users of the system are away or when they last did anything on the platform to give the sender visibility of the recipient’s availability before they send a message. All actions on hMael™ are logged and messages are tamper proof.

It isn’t envisioned that hMael™ will replace the need for traditional e-Referral systems because these are usually formal, structured processes. hMael™ however can augment e-Referral processes and provides a mechanism to have quick informal conversations between health professionals during or outside such processes.

The use of hMael™ exists beyond the clinical realm. It will also be available to PHO and DHB and other organisation and agency staff who deal with confidential and health information. Often PHOs and DHBs need to share information that is sensitive and hMael™ provides an easy way for them to do this.

The platform will be continually improved and developed with more features already planned beyond the initial release date. These include the ability to export a message (or message thread) to the PMS inbox and heuristics to help reduce errors of sending messages to unintended recipients (which would prevent some of the high profile privacy breaches we’ve seen in the past). The system has also been built on modern web-based standards and the interface to use these will be made available to software developers in the near future in the hope of fostering an eco-system of useful hMael™ clients, giving users choice, encouraging innovation and integration of the platform into modern health-care systems.

The use of basic features in hMael™ will be provided free-of-charge. In order to continue to fund and develop the platform, value-added premium features are available on a subscription basis to individuals and organisations.