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We are offering a free initial (1 hour) security assessment of any online service(s) that you manage, to assist you to understand your own cybersecurity situation and take remedial action.

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GP2GP enables medical records to be electronically transferred from one GP to another. The entire medical record is transferred in a structured and searchable format. 

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Health Intelligence Messenger

Health Intelligence Messenger (HIM) is software and a service that facilitates the electronic transmission of GP2GP messages between general practices. It is offered as an alternative to using other service providers.

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Health Information Security

We offer health information advisory and assessment services to help you comply with the HISF (Health Information Security Framework). This includes cloud risk analysis, privacy impact assessment, data governance and service penetration testing.

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Integration as a Service

Working alongside the Health Information Standards Organisation (HISO), this is a test platform and toolset that enables projects and vendors to test inter-operability against various relevant standards to ensure consistency and ability to integrate.

Team work

PHOCUS is the PHO Collaboration Platform that facilitates the sharing of information between PHOs and acts as a communication channel.

Meetings & Workshops

Patients First provides a forum to discuss up and coming national, regional and local information related projects; the future strategy of primary care information in New Zealand; and to develop professional networks between PHO staff that operate in a CIO or IT Manager capacity.

PHO Data Security Committee
Due to the rise in cybersecurity threats worldwide and heightened concerns around data security, Patients First and the Ministry of Health want to work with PHOs to improve the data security and readiness levels of primary care.

Primary Care Analysts Network (PCAN)
The PCAN provides an avenue for information analysts that work in the primary care sector to come together and share their work and provide a networking opportunity, as well relevant training workshops.

MOH Sector Update Teleconference
Sector Update meetings are designed to facilitate the communication between the Ministry of Health and PHOs regarding national projects effecting general practice.

National Projects

Patients First works as a liaison between the Ministry of Health, Primary Health Organisations, and software vendors for the delivery of health sector information integration projects.


This checklist is provided to help general practices undertake both a self-assessment and quick independent assessment of the baseline ICT security within their practice.


This report from the Primary Care Practice Management System (PMS) Requirements project is provided for primary care clinicians, general practice networks, those procuring general practice IT systems, PHOs, DHBS and PMS vendors.


This briefing series is focused on practice management systems used in general practice in New Zealand and has therefore reviewed only the patient portal offerings that are directly produced by vendors of those systems.


The National Enrolment Service (NES) will be a single source of truth for all national enrolment data, and will provide the capability to support practices by assisting in patient identification and eligibility assessments.


Electronic prescribing has long been identified as a goal to improve efficiency and safety in the health system. Progress has focused on developing the standards necessary to enable the smooth transfer of medicines information between GP and pharmacy systems.