Security Guidance

We will be creating a series of security guidances for common technologies used across the health sector.

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How to use Zoom securely

We have provided some tips and useful resources on using Zoom Video Communications securely.

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Telehealth Cybersecurity

We recommend healthcare organisations explicitly anticipate and mitigate the cybersecurity risks around the use of telework and telehealth solutions.

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Why you need to enable MFA for your Microsoft 365 account

Enabling multi-factor authentication (MFA) for your Microsoft 365 account will give you better protection against attacks and phishing attempts.

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6 reasons to use a password manager

Read our top six reasons to start using a password manager to make your life easier and keep your passwords secure!

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Detect security incidents with the power of logging and auditing

Logging and auditing are basic controls that can quickly detect security incidents and help you find the root vulnerability. Find out how!

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How to avoid the hook, line and sinker of a phishing email

The damage of a phishing attack can be huge. Learn how to avoid falling for a phishing email with these great awareness tips.

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Step up your website security

Patients First are proud to be participating in CERT NZ’s ‘Protect It’ campaign, aimed at helping businesses to improve their website security.

Useful resources

HISF Self-check Survey

The Health Information Security Framework (HISF) survey provides a simple self-check on your organisation readiness to comply with the New Zealand HISO 10029:2015 standard and is relevant to any type of healthcare organisation, e.g. GP, Dentists, PHOs, DHBs.

The survey is provided by Medical IT Advisors.

General Practice ICT Security Checklist

This checklist is provided to help general practices undertake both a self-assessment and quick independent assessment of the baseline ICT security within their practice.

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IT Platforms for General Practice


The past decade has seen the development of significant new methods of deploying information technology (IT) infrastructure and delivering software applications. This paper will define, compare and contrast the main three broad alternatives currently open to general practice.

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PMS Support Services Review


The objective of this report is to review the support service provided by the four PMS vendors that have a stake in the New Zealand general practice environment and includes Houston , Intrahealth, Medtech Global (Medtech) and myPractice.

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Patient Portals Review


This briefing series is focused on practice management systems used in general practice in New Zealand and has therefore reviewed only the patient portal offerings that are directly produced by vendors of those systems.

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PMS Review


This report from the Primary Care Practice Management System (PMS) Requirements project is provided for primary care clinicians, general practice networks, those procuring general practice IT systems, PHOs, DHBS and PMS vendors.

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