Patients First sells ‘Conporto Health’ and steps back from commercial activity

Patients First sells ‘Conporto Health’ and steps back from commercial activity

Conporto Health

Patients First has started 2020 with a renewed focus on its core role in the health sector, relinquishing its commercial interests and concentrating on its work in ‘the commons’. Helmut Modlik, Patients First Chief Executive, said “we’re refocusing ourselves entirely around our work as a charity acting for the public good as a trusted adviser and intermediary in the health sector. By stepping back from commercial activity, we can focus on our mission of supporting the primary health sector’s efforts to help New Zealanders.”

Mr Modlik announced that Patients First’s trading arm – Conporto Health Limited (Conporto Health) – has been purchased by Group Healthcare Limited (Group Healthcare), a partner in the development of its Conporto Platform and Event Detection & Mitigation (EDM) services. Negotiations are also underway for the sale of the secure messaging services – hMael and Health Intelligence Messenger (HIM) with further announcements expected in due course.

Mr Modlik emphasised that Patients First has Helmut Modlik profile photoworked hard to ensure the sound delivery of its commercial solutions and to find new owners that carry the same customer focus and values. He said, “Group Healthcare has nearly 15 years’ experience in the sector, with an excellent reputation and are committed to using their expertise and experience to continue adding value for Conporto Health customers. I am confident they are in a safe pair of hands.”

The withdrawal from commercial activity resolves recent confusion in the sector about Patients First’s role as a charity that also has commercial interests. Mr Modlik explained that “the Ministry of Health has recognised the value and importance of what we do in the commons and have agreed to work with us to ensure these services, including GP2GP, are sustainable and continue to support the sector.”

Mr Modlik also advised that with Patients First’s relinquishing of its commercial activity, he will be finishing his role as CEO of Patients First at the end of March, and will continue working with Group Healthcare and Conporto Health. He said, “I’ve accomplished most of what I hoped to with Patients First, and it’s time for fresh eyes and new energy”. 

Mr Modlik confirmed that Patients First would be in touch with Conporto Health customers regarding the change in ownership, but otherwise it is business as usual. Conporto Health customers who require assistance or want to get in touch, can continue to contact Conporto Health through [email protected]. To contact Patients First, enquiries can be sent to [email protected].