Patients First Reviews PMS Support

Patients First Reviews PMS Support

A survey distributed by Patients First to the sector is providing general practices with an opportunity to feedback on the support service provided by their Practice Management System Vendors. The Patients First PMS Review series provides an important independent look at the various software and services offered to general practice. The work also provides vendors with insights for quality improvement and benchmarking.

“We are encouraging as many general practices, PHOs and third party ICT support providers to complete the survey”, says Patients First Project Manager, Jess White “Almost all practices have a view on what works well, and what needs attention when it comes to the support provided by their PMS vendors. We want to aggregate these into a coherent overview. This is a chance for general practice to provide a collective voice to their views.”

Appropriate and timely support services provide an experience that helps users of information systems use products to their fullest capabilities, efficiently and effectively. “Ultimately this will benefit patients through robust collection, retrieval and use of clinical information to provide them care says White.

Practice Managers Association of New Zealand (PMAANZ) is pleased to support this survey on the support provided by the Practice Management System vendors; these systems have become an integral part of providing best practice clinical care for patients, as well as providing the basis of financial records for general practice. Mike Northmore Chairperson of PMAANZ, states that “we rely on our practice management systems accuracy every day, so if there are issues identified, we require reliable and efficient support from our vendors. For general practices this survey provides the opportunity to give feedback about our vendors support service”.

The support service review is part of a wider piece of work being done by Patients First for the second round of the review process of the Practice Management Systems that began in 2011 to assess their ability to support the current General Practice environment.

The output of each review is published openly to provide a level of transparency, independent comparison, and feedback to vendors as to areas where product offerings are solid, or could be improved. Patients First Reviews PMS Support If you have not already received one of these surveys and would like to fill one in please contact Jess White by completing our contact form by Friday 13 March 2015.