hMael scheduled outage: Wednesday 20th June, 9pm

hMael scheduled outage: Wednesday 20th June, 9pm

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hMael scheduled maintenance this Wednesday 20th June, 9:00pm

On Wednesday 20th June at 9:00pm we will be performing a system upgrade with the release of hMael v3.5. We expect the update to take up to four hours, however, services will resume by 6am, Thursday 21st June.

hMael services unavailable during the upgrade

The hMael service will be temporarily unavailable while the update takes place and you will be unable to access your hMael messages during this time. We appreciate your patience and understanding while we bring you this improved service.

We will be progressively updating our user guides and video tutorials to bring you up to speed on our new features and familiarising you with the new layout.

If you have questions or issues, please send an email to [email protected].

What’s new with hMael v3.5?

Our latest update includes enhancements to existing features, as well as a couple new exciting ones, bug fixes, and changes to the layout and styling to give a simpler and more intuitive user experience.

Pop-out menu and simplified mailbox layout
To unclutter your mailbox we have introduced a pop-out menu to hide away your folders so you can better focus on your incoming messages.

Send messages to non-hMael users
Can’t find who you’re looking for in the user directory? Now you can send a message to anyone by selecting ‘Non-hMael User’ in the directory and entering the recipient’s email address.

The recipient will be sent an email inviting them to set a password to access and respond to your hMael message. The invited user will have limited access and will not be able to see or contact other hMael users until their account has been verified.

Format text with our rich-text editor

Brighten up your messages with a bit of colour or styling with the addition of a rich-text editor. You can even expand the editor to full-screen so you can craft a detailed report.

 Outlook plugin includes latest improvements and features
To utilise the updated version of the ‘hMael for Outlook’ plugin, you will need to remove the current plugin and download and install the latest version. In this release we will also be adding a new User Guide on Outlook Integration, to assist you with installing and using the plugin. Be sure to check it out!

Refer to our Release Notes below for full details on what is included in this latest update!

Thank you.

– The hMael team at Conporto Health and Patients First

Release Notes

Release 3.5

New Features and Functionality

    • Send messages to non-hMael users through the ‘Non-hMael User’ option in the user directory.
    • Introduced a pop-out menu to contain the message folders and other messaging functions.
  • Added a rich-text editor allowing you to format and style your text when composing messages.
    • We have uncluttered the mailbox view allowing you to better focus on your messages.
    • It is now clearer to see which messages are new compared to those that have been opened.
    • To open a message, you can now click anywhere on the message row instead of only the message text.
    • To perform an action (e.g. delete or move) on multiple messages from within your Inbox, you now select the corresponding checkbox instead of highlighting the row.
    • In the Archive folder, you can now open an archived message to view the message content before deciding to restore it.
    • Live Chat has been completely rebuilt enabling you to effortlessly start an instant-message conversation from your Inbox, without opening a new tab.
  • A better-optimised Outlook plugin with quick-access shortcuts and keeps you logged in for a more seamless experience.
Bug Fixes
    • Fixed: Exported messages were not generating as PDFs.
    • Fixed: When a user changed their display name it was not updating under the Favourite Contacts list.
  • Fixed: General layout issues on mobile devices.