Groundbreaking NZ solutions a game changer for patient safety

Groundbreaking NZ solutions a game changer for patient safety

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Conporto Health logoPatientsFirst’s new trading arm – Conporto Health – will be showcasing two patient information services at this year’s NZHIT Conference which are set to significantly impact the New Zealand health sector.

The Conporto Event Detection and Mitigation (EDM) service and hMael Premium secure email will enable GPs and ED clinicians access to critical up to date patient information and secure exchange of emails between health professionals.

Patients First chief executive Helmut Modlik says the services will revolutionise parts of the sector, in particular how high-risk patients are treated in primary care.

“Patients First exists to improve the quality of life of all New Zealanders by developing technology to help the health sector work better.

“Our driving force is the public good – we want to give health professionals the tools that allow them to provide the best treatments, spend less time administering information, and instead focus on the most important part of their job – helping people, which is why we are so excited about these two products.”

Mr Modlik says one of the biggest concerns for health practitioners is getting accurate and timely patient medical information.

“The Conporto Event Detection and Mitigation (EDM) service provides real-time detection of the potential risk of patient harm and generates alerts to GPs and emergency department clinicians about presenting patients.

“This service alerts GPs to know in advance of patients who are potentially at high risk of medical harm, for example patients with multiple conditions, or on multiple medications. It also allows emergency department clinicians to access real-time patient summaries directly from GP and pharmacy systems, including all medications used by the patient.”

Patients First will also be demonstrating the hMael Premium secure email system.

While the health system has secure ways of storing and exchanging most patient information, email is one of the health sector’s biggest sources of cybersecurity and data security risk. This is because of the sheer number of health professionals using public, unsecure email systems.

Mr Modlik says hackers wanting to bring down IT systems target an organisations weakest spot, which for most is their email system.

“Using open email is like leaving the doors open in your house for anyone to wander in and look around.”

Until now there hasn’t been a practical alternative to unsecure email and fax for health professionals to communicate and exchange a range of information.

“We know health professionals want to protect their patients’ private information, which is why we’ve worked with clinicians and others in the health sector to develop a fit-for-purpose, easy to use, and affordable secure email system to close the current gap in the email communications systems used in the health sector.”

Helmut and his team will be demonstrating the Conporto EDM and hMael Premium secure email systems throughout the conference at booth number 76 so come and try them yourself.

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