About Patients First

Patients First is a niche health IT, non-profit charitable organisation wholly-owned by General Practice New Zealand (GPNZ). Patients First began in April 2010 and initially grew out of a desire to further enhance the primary care information and quality space. Our work traverses the integration space between healthcare provided in hospital and community settings in the areas of connectivity, information, and quality. 

Patients First works right across the health sector – with funders, product developers and health service providers – allowing us to see the gaps and identify opportunities to use technology to improve the way we find, share and use information for the good of patients.

Patients First provides the following functions:

  • Programme Management and delivery of sector health information integration projects
  • Measurement development and making information more coherent for reporting cross-health sector
  • Ownership of Ministry of Health change process for non-hospital related systems and reporting
  • Translating health information and quality guidelines and standards into the technology supporting the health eco-system
  • Primary Care Liaison and information leadership support

We use a learning and adaptive approach to implementation which is coupled with an inclusive project-based governance model. This allows us to build enablers and machinery for integration alongside the development of measures and corresponding information models.

Our objectives are to:

  • enable the improvement of patient health outcomes by the best use of systems
  • make the local voices heard nationally
  • make the national voices applicable locally
  • use information to inform quality practice, knowledge and wisdom
  • move the dialogue from volume and funding to clinical practice, outcomes and value
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Some of Our Services & Products

Health Intelligence Messenger logo
Health Intelligence Messenger

Health Intelligence Messenger (HIM) is software and a service that facilitates the electronic transmission of GP2GP messages between general practices. It is offered as an alternative to using other service providers.

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Health Information Security

We offer health information advisory and assessment services to help you comply with the HISF (Health Information Security Framework). This includes cloud risk analysis, privacy impact assessment, data governance and service penetration testing.

GP2GP logo

GP2GP enables medical records to be electronically transferred from one GP to another. The entire medical record is transferred in a structured and searchable format.