Our Goal

Patients First facilitates the development and implementation of information technology solutions and frameworks to support the delivery of health services to the public. We are a not-for-profit charitable company.

cogsOur goal is to work within all parts of the health system to deliver our vision; “Better Health with Better Systems”.

Patients First has a national work programme – governed by a Board of Directors, and supported by an inter-sectoral group including national bodies such as the Health IT Board, Ministry of Health and the Health Quality and Safety Commission.

Please contact us if we can help you deliver better care for New Zealanders.

Our Approach

Patients First achieves its goals through:
  • developing solutions and software that enable integration and the transfer of patient information from one health care provider to another
  • improving health science through quality measures and increase patient safety and optimized care delivery
  • improving the availability of health-related statistical data
  • facilitating the sharing of resources, knowledge and information between health care providers
Patients First has an expert team with a diverse range of skills that enable the organisation to deliver complex health information programmes with quality outcomes.